Supporting top teams

We support you in the key task of developing your team into a high-performance team. We carry out a series of interviews to determine how your staff see the current situation. We summarise our findings, discuss them with you and give you suggestions on how to address them. The team development event is tailored to the specific situation of your team, creating an atmosphere of trust in which possible conflicts can be addressed and different viewpoints negotiated. The team itself plans the next steps that are to be taken – safe in the knowledge that we will be there to support them.

Your added value is that the members of your team work smoothly together because they know their different resources, strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences. The team has a strong sense of awareness and knows when and how to solve emerging conflicts. It has a clear focus on high performance in order to guarantee the organisation’s success. You know what type of leadership your team requires to function and perform well.

We often recommend augmenting the team development event with one-to-one coaching for individual team members in order to use the systemic approach to work on personal challenges. In such coaching sessions, we reflect on observable realities and develop the coachee’s sense of awareness through feedback. This leads to a deeper understanding and unfolding of hidden potential. The coaching is provided by us in our capacity as an external, trusted partner and supports managers in outlining and defining their future and goals.

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