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Systemic Group Dynamics, University of St. Gallen

  • See and understand groups as key elements in larger departments and more complex organisations.
  • Recognise group-specific processes from a systemic perspective and use them productively.
  • Analyse your own ways of thinking, patterns of behaviour and perception filters.
  • Review your own styles of leadership and management and improve them where necessary.

Organiser: University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Seminar facilitators:Roswita Königswieser, Ulrich Königswieser, Claudia Kucera, Herbert Schober-Ehmer
Venue: University of St. Gallen Training Center

Dates & Downloads

  • Module 1

    MO 26.09.2022 – FR 30.09.2022

    9AM – 3PM
  • Module 2

    MO 02.10.2023 – FR 06.10.2023

    9AM – 3PM
  • Download

Fees & Registration

Seminar fees: CHF 4.500,- (5 days)

Contact: Tanja Widemann

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