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Stefan-Maximilian Bachmayr

Head of Operational Excellence, Bayer AG

“We all share responsibility for quality – and this was the motto for a culture initiative that we successfully carried out with the support of Königswieser & Network. Based on their complementary approach to change and our own cGMP expertise, this initiative now forms the basis for our conduct and way of working. It has clearly changed the way our different divisions work together. The corresponding message and impetus was communicated deep into our organization at a series of professional large-group events. This is definitely the right path for us.”

Rainer Notter

General Manager, Hotmobil Deutschland GmbH

“A change project is always an interesting rollercoaster ride, and our project with Königswieser & Network was no different: a great experience with some surprising twists, throwbacks and new insights. With new and tried-and-tested methods, always directed at the here and now and at the places where energy could be felt. We have restructured our organization, discovered and dissolved longstanding incrustations and set off on a journey into a future that is still not always entirely clear – with the confidence and assurance that we have made the right decisions and that we now have the necessary openness and curiosity to cope with and integrate all that will that is still to come.”

Joubin Pour

Managing Director, Vienna Aircraft Handling GmbH Flughafen Wien AG

“I recently took part in Königswieser & Network’s “Systemic Group Dynamics” training course. This intensive and unique seminar was the best possible way I could have chosen to find out about and understand team, group and corporate dynamics and learn how to actively shape them and leverage their effects. The course uses a “learning by doing” approach, and I learned a great deal about myself and my impact in groups in the process.”

Sabine Altmann

Managing Director, Wagner & Co

“In difficult times, K&N always provided me with valuable assistance in my efforts to balance different interests, redundancy planning, part-time contracts and establish a works agreement. I would like to thank them for that.”

Stephanie Dickes

Senior Vice President, Allianz Deutschland AG

“Working with Königswieser & Network enabled us to move forward in a short period of time. When we restructured one of our departments into a strategic personnel development and change management partner for the management team, K&N helped us to develop tremendous and palpable momentum. Managers and staff alike were all very impressed with the innovative formats and instruments, the genuine dialogue and the critical discussion in the large group setting.”

Dieter Mehlich

Former Chairman of the Board, Kasseler Sparkasse

“Everyone who came into contact with the ‘Leadership in Change’ project was really impressed. It is now up to us on the board to continually remind ourselves to practice what we preach and act as role models for our new leadership culture.”

Heinz Gottwick

Director Global Communications, Commercial Vehicles Daimler AG

“The fascinating ‘Königswieser approach’ helped me transform a ‘forgotten’ team into a winning one.”

“Excellent instruments like the system diagnosis at the start of the change process brought blocking, unspoken issues to the surface and made them resolvable. The clear focus on the role of the leader in making the division a success and on changing the culture as a whole made this change process very different from others. It takes courage to choose this approach, but the path is extraordinary! It has a different quality to it than the other consulting processes I have experienced.”

“It is a different approach to solving problems. A key to lasting success.” “Without a word of exaggeration, I can definitely say that – through our cooperation – my life has been given more meaning and made more worth living.”

Dr. Herbert Stein

former Managing Director, Chemicals Boehringer Ingelheim Deutschland GmbH

“It was clear to us from the start that this was not going to be a typical consulting project. But what would it really be like? Well, it was time-consuming and involved a lot of our staff. And the solutions were not immediately evident to us. But it really gathered pace in the second part of the project, and we were able to reap the benefits of all the intense work. We laid the stable foundations for the necessary changes.”

Dr. Franz-Josef Renneke

Site Manager, Bayer Schering Pharma Bergkamen

“The staff literally demand that we continue with this approach. You really can’t ask for more! At the start of our two-year change project with K&N, which dealt with massive cutbacks and a radical remodelling of the site, we could never have dreamed of the effects that the project would have. Now, two years after the external consulting and mentoring from K&N ended, we are not only hiring again, we have also taken the complementary approach – the ‘Königswieser method’ – on board and continue to apply it on our own. We still use, the reflection loops and the sounding boards, for example, right down to the shop floor. The focus on the soft processes is fully implemented, and our staff push to be involved in improvement measures. They literally demand that we continue with this approach. You really can’t ask for more!”

Andrea Artner

HR Development, Buchhaltungsagentur des Bundes

“The last two years with the development project and the mentoring from K&N have been fascinating. This applies both for our organisation and for me personally. We have reflected on our strengths and weaknesses and worked with the staff to solve the problems together. We have transformed a very difficult organisational culture into one of learning and cooperation. I was previously a clerk and now I am an HR developer. I am so thankful I was entrusted with managing this project.”

Dr. Ingo Ortmann

Operations Manager Production Unit B, Bayer Schering Pharma AG

“I continued the project after the change process with K&N. The complementary approach is simply incredible. Having different – and often opposing – experts in one boat really sets you on the right course. The complementary method of solving business problems and working on relationship and cultural issues at the same time cannot be topped! It has proved hugely successful for us over many years.”

Dr. Franz Gasselsberger

Chairman of the Board, Österreichische Oberbank

“During the system diagnosis, the K&N consultants succeeded from the start in energising and stimulating the participants and showing the organisation its reflection in a mirror – right up to board level. The staff did not initially think that I would be able to accept the radical criticism. This positive, active approach in the system diagnosis was the key to the success of this project. It established the project’s credibility and the trust that it wasn’t just any old campaign but rather the path to creating a clear position for our firm.”

Dr. Jens Walla

Vice President, TRB Airbus Deutschland GmbH

“The management team that I took over is comparable in this constellation with the relationship between an old married couple…”

“…Over time, sensitivities have emerged – rivalries and disruptions to the atmosphere that prevent people from working efficiently together to achieve good overall results. Everyone has their own style of leadership and does not always tolerate other ways of doing things. If you don’t draw on the diversity of the strengths in a team, you’ll never be able to work together as a joint team. So I started a team development project with Königswieser & Network to bring the team back together.”

Katja Busch

Abteilungsleiterin Strategisches Personalmanagement, Kasseler Sparkasse

“I am thrilled with the new momentum and have learned so many new methods.”

“Above all, I’ve seen what happens when you give people a push in the right direction and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the way they work. I will be using this method in many more departments and groups; I see it as a way and means of developing a strong sense of loyalty and retaining high potentials.”

Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Schmieder

Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats, Altana AG

“We worked with K&N to realise a large-scale corporate conference at which we redefined our corporate strategy.”

“Throughout the entire process, Königswieser & Network proved to be a valuable, knowledgeable and sensitive partner for our executive management team.”

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