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About Us

Our Attitude

We see our role as consultants as that of a catalyst and work with our clients to enhance their own problem-solving competence – both on a system and a personal level.

We are also sparring partners who reveal contradictions, withstand uncertainties, offer a new perspective or deliberately seek to provoke. In organisations that either work exclusively with agile and interdisciplinary teams or combine them with hierarchical structures, these are particularly valuable skills. Whatever the situation, we remain passionate about continually developing our approach and ourselves as consultants and growing together with our clients.

The Complementary Approach

Our consulting approach has a particularly long-lasting effect because it combines business expertise with know-how of social processes. At the centre lies the sustainability and viability of the organisation. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the systemic approach and attitude with the firm conviction that the system also requires business-related input in some areas if it is to succeed in the future. This input includes economic expertise and increasingly also know-how in digitalisation or agile organisational design.

We work on the strategy, culture and structure of an organisation and progress with the client towards its vision at a balanced pace. Rapid reflection loops guarantee an agile approach and an intense confrontation with fast-moving and complex conditions and parameters.

How We Work

The first thing we do is listen to our client – to find out precisely what the issue is and how different people in the organisation see the current situation. This gets people involved, creates a will for change and provides us with a realistic assessment of the status quo.
We then work with the client to choose and develop the right interventions to achieve the medium- and long-term change goals. The VUCA world is a familiar setting for us, and one that constantly requires new process steps and agile formats. We see things primarily as resources and potential rather than deficiencies. That’s why we always work with options, visions and a positive picture of the future. We consider it an absolute priority to involve all members of the organisation in designing the change process – from top management through to middle management and the workforce. This creates a shared commitment and a lasting will to change.