Inspiring people

Large group events are the spark that ignites your staff and managers. Our core competence lies in the design and moderation of dynamic and interactive large group events – be they for 30 or more than 10,000 people. We organise large group events that are customised to the needs of your organisation by carefully involving your managers and individual members of staff in the preparations. This ensures that the design is tailored to and compatible with their needs and mobilises initial energy effect change.

Our professional moderation gives people a sense of security and ensures the event achieves its goals. We are fully versed in all common large group formats such as future search conferences, open space technology events, world cafés, appreciative inquiry summits, marketplaces and many more. However, our specialty lies in innovative formats like, for example, the creation of works of art. To date, we have prepared and moderated more than 400 large group events.

Your managers and staff feel connected to one another, while your customers feel they are part of your brand and their voices are being heard. The results are transparent. Decisions and items of news are communicated to a large number of people. Top management speaks with one voice. The energy level among the invited participants is high. The event retains positive associations in the collective memory and enhances identification with the organisation. Your managers and staff feel they are part of one community – and you see their performance grow

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    » No wind favours he who has no destined port. «

    Michel de Montaigne

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