Adapting structures agilely

Nowadays, structural changes are rarely designed to last more than a few years. Flexibility, efficiency and customer focus are just some of the criteria that modern-day organisational structures must fulfill. In addition, growth through acquisitions and mergers is now commonplace in many markets, facing organisations with the challenge of merging two different organisational structures and cultures.

After a brief and intensive analysis of the present situation (strategy, processes, culture, society, environment) and future requirements, we work with you to determine which structure is the best option for your current organisation. Different structures – from traditional hierarchies and matrix organisations to agile teams – work better in different situations. A clear vision and precise guidelines from top management are just as important parameters for the choice of structure as a careful sounding out of the people who have to work together within it. We support you with our expertise in change management and are at your side in every step of the implementation phase – after all, the devil is in the details.

In the case of mergers or acquisitions, we organise the negotiations in a way that ensures real dialogue and generates trust. Uncertainties or excessive expectations are put into a realistic perspective. This secures the critical success factors for the successful establishment of a partnership or takeover at an early stage in the process.

  • Strategie entwickeln

    » Ein Seemann ohne Ziel, kann nicht auf günstigen Wind hoffen «

    Michel de Montaigne

  • Transformation gestalten

    Wir sind die erste Adresse für nachhaltige Begleitung komplexer Veränderungsprozesse

  • Führung neu entdecken

    Wir begleiten Ihre Führungskräfte im globalen Umfeld zur Exzellenz

  • Top Teams begleiten

    Team Management hin zu High Performing Teams

  • Menschen begeistern

    Wir unterstützen Sie, wenn unterschiedliche Kulturen und Strukturen aufeinanderprallen

  • Strukturen agil anpassen

    Der Mehrwert für Sie und Ihre Führungscrew ist das Gewinnen einer neuen Perspektive