Systemic Compact 2021

Systemic Compact 2021

January-March 2021

Organisations and companies in the modern world increasingly have to react successfully, efficiently and flexibly to market environments that are becoming ever more complex, global and dynamic.

To achieve this, they need an open leadership culture and a broadened understanding of leadership and management. A method that allows them both to view change holistically and at the same time resolve business, interpersonal and organisational culture problems. In other words, a systemic approach that

  • enhances the ability of organisations and businesses to resolve problems,
  • creates the framework for quick decision making and sustainable implementation,
  • makes optimal use of the potential in employees and teams,
  • encourages and develops entrepreneurship, and
  • establishes an environment based on respect and an organisational culture that welcomes self-motivation and initiative.

Our “Systemic Compact” seminar provides participants with deeper insight into the systemic approach and teaches them how to use specific systemic methods.

The systemic way of working offers an expanded approach to leadership and management that is already being used successfully by many organisations and enterprises around the globe. It encourages and empowers motivated, entrepreneurial, independent thinkers who are willing to make their knowledge, experience and strengths available to their company or organisation.


In this seminar, participants will discover and learn

  • the basic attitude behind systemic thinking and working,
  • how to use core systemic tools (dialogue techniques, questioning techniques and other interventions),
  • a model to moderate group processes and communicate in a manner that promotes and encourages cooperation,
  • how to strengthen their ability to reflect on their own systemic work.


Concrete case studies from the participants’ own area of practice are used to convey the basics of the systemic approach in a way they can relate to. The theoretical input is enhanced and consolidated using exercises, case studies and role playing.


  • External and internal business and systemic process consultants
  • Managers and key members of staff
  • HR and organisational developers
  • Trainers, moderators and mediators


The Systemic Compact programme is made up of two modules led by Ulrich Königswieser and Ulrike Jänicke. The modules focus on the following topics:

  • Systemic paradigms, constructivism, systemic principles
  • Systemic question techniques (circular questions, hypothetical questions, scaling questions, solution-oriented questions)
  • Dialogue framing
  • The systemic approach in different contexts: clarifying the brief, reflection loop, contextualisation
  • Core intervention techniques
  • Reflecting team, reframing
  • Dialogue that promotes cooperation
  • The systemic approach in the leadership context

Download: Brochure Systemic Compact 2021 (in German)

Organiser: Königswieser & Network GmbH
Trainers: Ulrich Königswieser, Renate Glaser
Venue: Königswieser & Network GmbH, Marokkanergasse 22/7a, A 1030 Wien


Module 1

Module 2

Fees & Registration

Participation fees: EUR 4,100 plus 20 % VAT (6 days).

To register for this seminar, please contact Violeta Mirena:

Telefon +43-1-3684691-12

The seminar trainers will contact you personally as part of the registration process.

Cancellation fees:

  • up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the seminar – no cancellation fee
  • up to 6 weeks prior to the start of the seminar – 50 % of the seminar fee
  • up to 3 weeks prior to the start of the seminar – 100 % of the seminar fee


Please note that this training is held in German!

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