Bootcamp: Digital Transformation

Bootcamp: Digital Transformation

Develop culture and exploit business potential
Digitally driven change processes succeed when the people in the organization understand the opportunities and risks and their own role in the world of new technologies and work consistently on the future viability of the company. If people can focus on what they do best by leveraging digital business potential and automating routine tasks, they will be committed to solving problems, rethinking customer relationships, leadership and collaboration, and driving process improvements and innovations.

We concentrate on the essentials!
In this online seminar, we focus on the essence of what digital transformation is, how this process works and which tools are helpful for design and control.

Your Benefit

Empowers you and your organization,

  • to exploit the business potential of digitization
  • to design a transformation process in such a way that the implementation is successful
  • to deal with fears regarding the digital transformation and to develop a desire to use the opportunities offered by digitization
  • to focus the energy of the own organization members on the topics that lead to the path of success

Key questions

  • How do I design a digital transformation process in which employees have their place and role?
  • How do I develop strategy, structure and culture transparently and in parallel so that the
    technological potential can be raised?
  • What influence does my own attitude and mindset have?
  • What are ideal-typical procedures for digital transformations?
  • What are the success factors and stumbling blocks to be considered?


The theoretical models and procedures are illuminated and deepened by means of an ideal-typical case. In addition, there are regular transfer exercises that take into account the context and organization of the participants. Between the modules, the participants complete transfer tasks that serve both as a deepening and as preparation for the follow-up module. In addition to inputs, the exchange of experiences and systemic complementary work can already be felt in the course. References to literature and methods complement the program.

Target Group

Everyone who designs transformation processes, e.g. owners, managers, project managers, organizational developers, IT managers, staff position holders.


The basic seminar is conducted online and consists of 3 half-day modules within 6 weeks

Module 1

  • What is digital transformation?
  • Establishing the Sense of Urgency
  • Recognize your own role
  •  Overview of the most important steps in the conception and implementation phase
  • Key success factors for the design of transformation processes

Module 2 

  • Detailed view of the ideal transformation process in the conception phase
  • Development of strategic business models
  • Central tools, e.g. order clarification, system diagnosis, vision and purpose work, value stream analysis, ….
  • Options for the design of the conception phase
  • Transfer to the own organization and situation

Module 3

  • Detailed view of the ideal transformation process during the implementation phase
  • Establishment of new forms of cooperation
  • The importance of attitude and pattern recognition for mindset change
  • Options for the design of the implementation phase
  • Development of dynamic structures for collaboration
  • Ensuring continuous learning and improvement of processes

Concept and moderation

Ulrich Königswieser, Königswieser & Network
Bernhard Nitz, oddEVEN
Renate Glaser, Königswieser & Network
Andreas Malär, oddEVEN


Module 1 dates on request
Module 2 dates on request
Module 3 dates on request
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Fees & Registration

Participation fees: € 1800,- (plus 20 % VAT)

Office Königswieser & Network
Phone +43-1-368 46 91

The seminar trainers will contact you personally as part of the registration process.

Cancellation fees:

  • up to 5 weeks prior to the start of the seminar – no cancellation fee
  • up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the seminar – 50 % of the seminar fee
  • later – 100 % of the seminar fee
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