Agile Leadership in Times of Change

Agile Leadership in Times of Change

September-December 2019 | January-April 2020

The demands on managers in a time of permanent change are increasingly tough. In many organisations, they are expected to be able to play the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), digitalisation and agility tunes in perfect harmony. Their staff are more self-assured, and their teams increasingly diverse, intercultural and even virtual. Competences like rapid role changing, moderating conflict situations, conveying meaning and establishing processes that facilitate rapid learning are becoming ever more important.

Taken together, these demands are huge! The systemic approach not only equips managers with an attitude, principles and methods that reduce their load, it also provides them with concrete, purposeful ways of dealing with these topics.


In this programme, participants

  • get to know the systemic approach as a valuable basis for the demands on managers in the VUCA world.
  • develop the competence to analyse complex situations.
  • develop leadership competences for change projects in agile environments.
  • learn methods that support the tasks of daily management and change and digitilisation projects.
  • benefit from intense experience and practice-based learning using participants’ own case studies.
  • achieve greater authenticity and serenity in attitude and everyday leadership.

Target audience

Managers at all levels with some years of management experience who are interested in an intense exchange and comprehensive learning experience in a differentiated group.

Module 1: Leadership in Social Systems

  • Reflecting on your own leadership behaviour
  • New parameters for leadership
  • Systemic attitude, principles, practices
  • Classic vs. systemic leadership
  • Promoting a feedback culture
  • Defining your personal learning arena
  • Team building for peer contact
  • Immersion by experiencing concrete examples
  • Transfer to everyday business

Modul 2: Leadership in Agile Structures

  • Expectations of the leadership role in the agile context
  • Systemic, targeted leadership
  • Delegation vs. coordination
  • Agile toolbox
  • Systemic decision processes and promotion of individual responsibility
  • Promotion of agile structures
  • Immersion through experience of actual cases
  • Transfer to everyday business

Modul 3: Leadership in Change Projects

  • Systemic design of change projects
  • Introducing and supporting a change in culture towards becoming a learning organization
  • Change management toolbox
  • Dealing with conflicts in times of change
  • Personal stability in times of change
  • Communication in change projects
  • Case studies
  • Immersion through experience of actual cases
  • Transfer to everyday business

The course is made up of three two-day modules. Each module starts at 9 am on the first day and finishes at 4 pm on the second day. Participants are expected to attend all three modules!

Dates & Location

Vienna area, location near airport

Modul 1: 12/13 September 2019
Modul 2: 24/25 October 2019
Modul 3: 5/6 December 2019

Munich area, location near airport

Modul 1: 30/31 January 2020
Modul 2: 12/13 March 2020
Modul 3: 23/24 April 2020

Fees & Registration

Participation fee: EUR 4,400 plus 20% VAT.

This includes an online coaching session between Modules 2 and 3.

To register for this programme, please contact Franziska Plesser at:

Telefon +43-1-3684691-10


Mira Maria Meiler

is a partner at Königswieser & Network and a passionate change manager, with extensive experience of supporting managers in diverse organisations in complex change processes such as restructuring projects, mergers or constantly changing market conditions. Inspired by the momentous changes that are occurring in the markets, she also increasingly supports people and organisations in introducing agile structures and adapting their corporate and leadership cultures accordingly.

Peter Jaksch

is a partner at Königswieser & Network, whose particular focus lies on striking a careful balance between the demands for economic effectiveness and efficiency on the one hand and social aspects like open communication and involving people on all levels on the other. He is convinced that – alongside a clear market strategy and agile structure – corporate culture is a decisive and essential key to long-term business success in the ever faster VUCA world and its change processes.


Please note that this training is held in German!

  • Strategie entwickeln

    » Ein Seemann ohne Ziel, kann nicht auf günstigen Wind hoffen «

    Michel de Montaigne

  • Transformation gestalten

    Wir sind die erste Adresse für nachhaltige Begleitung komplexer Veränderungsprozesse

  • Führung neu entdecken

    Wir begleiten Ihre Führungskräfte im globalen Umfeld zur Exzellenz

  • Top Teams begleiten

    Team Management hin zu High Performing Teams

  • Menschen begeistern

    Wir unterstützen Sie, wenn unterschiedliche Kulturen und Strukturen aufeinanderprallen

  • Strukturen agil anpassen

    Der Mehrwert für Sie und Ihre Führungscrew ist das Gewinnen einer neuen Perspektive