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Ursula Schwarz-Keller

Degree in Psychology
Qualified Systemic Consultant, Therapist (SG, STG)
and Psychoanalyst (DGPT, DGIP).

Ursula Schwarz-Keller has worked for KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK since the company was founded and has extensive experience in systemic and analytical consulting and therapy. She is also a lecturer, supervisor and educational analyst at the Institute for Individual Psychology in Aachen and Cologne and has had her own practice since 1992.

In her consulting work, she provides training in management seminars as well as coaching and consulting to people in for-profit or non-profit organisations and freelancers in conflict situations and change processes, e.g. team development. She is a founding member of the Kölner Gruppe and Partner.

Ursula Schwarz-Keller is a network partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK.

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