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Ulrich Königswieser

Master’s degree in Economics
Training in group dynamics
Long-term training in systemic consultancy
Certified Scrum Master

Ulrich Königswieser began his career as a trainer and consultant in a network of systemic consultants. He then spent several years working as a consultant in the trade/industry, banking and non-profit sectors with an international management consultancy.

In his consulting work, Ulrich focuses on complex change processes, culture change processes, leadership and management in agile structures, strategy, vision and mission building, business process optimisation, and merger and fusion processes. As head of strategic internationalisation activities at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK, he works extensively both in Europe and around the globe. He is also a management coach and trainer as well as a lecturer at several international universities and a group dynamics trainer at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Ulrich Königswieser has been a Managing Partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK since 2009 and has been providing consulting services in German, English and Spanish for over 20 years.

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