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Susanna Ulrich

International Executive MBA (IEDC Bled School of Management)
Systemic-Complementary Consulting (Königswieser & Network)
Qualifications and training in various other areas, incl. innovation, intercultural management, mediation, communication, etc.

Susanna Ulrich has extensive experience both in industry and in the consulting sector. She worked in sales, marketing and distribution in a highly innovation-driven environment for 16 years, where she was responsible for setting up Eastern European markets as well as for business and strategy development. She is passionate about corporate vision/strategy building and intercultural management. In such activities, she places a particular emphasis on the people involved; growing potential, turning dysfunctional patterns into constructive units, promoting and encouraging strategic thinking and managing interfaces all form part of her successful approach.

She draws in her consulting work on her own extensive, on-site international experience and expertise in coaching, mediation and conflict to help raise the efficiency and profitability of her corporate clients.

Susanna Ulrich is a network partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK and provides her consulting services in German, English, Hungarian and French.

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