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Roswita Königswieser

PhD in social sciences and depth psychology,
Graduate of the Academy of Arts,
Professional training in group dynamics

Roswita Königswieser has long been a pioneer of the systemic approach to consulting in business. In this specialised field – supporting complex change processes – she not only assists international companies and multinationals with their change processes, she also trains change managers and consultants.

In her development work, she cooperates with innovative experts at a number of universities and other pertinent institutions. She is a master trainer for group dynamics. Another important main focus of her work is the support of the board team. She is also a prolific author and has published numerous books which have since gone on to become standard works of reference.

Roswita Königswieser is a Partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK and exerts its function in the German language.

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Roswita Königswieser gehört zu den 40 führenden Köpfen des Personalwesens (Personalmagazin 2009)

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