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Raymond Engler

Studies of economics, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (FH)
Studies of business law, Executive Master HSG
Systemic complementary consulting as well as group dynamics at K&N
In training to become a value-oriented, systemic coach & consultant (CAS/ISO/ICI)
OKR-Coach / Scrum Master / Facilitator

Raymond Engler’s career began with engagements as an internal auditor in the telecommunications, IT consulting, insurance and sales sectors. In this role, he audited and advised line organizations in Europe and Singapore from a wide range of areas in an international environment and worked closely on their organizational development.

For the last 8 years he has been working in the senior management of a Swiss concern and in this function, he is head of Financial Accounting. In this role, he is responsible for the digital transformation process in addition to his functional responsibilities. Furthermore, he acts as a facilitator for OKR implementations, strategy and mission statement developments of the B2C and B2B organization and its subsidiaries.

In his consulting work, his focus is on culture change processes, leadership and governance in agile structures, leadership of matrix organizations, leadership coaching, strategy and mission statement development, optimization of business processes, digitalization and artificial intelligence in financial processes and OKR implementations.

Raymond Engler is a network partner of KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK.

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