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Markus Weigl

Masters Degree in Business Studies
Master of Science in Coaching, MSc Coaching
Systemic consulting (long-term training)
Certified Scrum Master, CSM
Psychological Consultant (Life and Social Consultant)
Taoist and Buddhist Meditation Teacher

Markus Weigl is an experienced consultant and change coach with over 15 years experience in various leadership roles with a strong focus on sales and consulting, e.g. as CEO or Director in international consulting, IT and services companies. He has more than 20 years of personal experience in both traditional business and systemic management consulting as well as in coaching and human resource development. He focuses in his consulting activities on supporting and coaching people and organizations in change processes, the design of effective strategies, structures and cultures, agile market and customer reorientations, leadership and customer management in sales as well as the management of complex projects. Markus also supports people in their personal development in his capacity as a coach, psychological consultant, trainer and meditation teacher.

Markus Weigl is a network partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK and has been providing consulting services in German and English for over 20 years.

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