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Klaus-Jürgen Hütten

Degrees in Business Studies and Psychology
Professional training in systemic and energetic consulting

Klaus-Jürgen Hütten has been a consultant and trainer since 1983. By combining his expertise in both business studies and psychology, he continually sees and experiences how results are achieved in the interplay of hard and soft facts. He works across different industries and supports change processes both for individuals, e.g. through management and sales coaching, as well as for complete organisations and/or their business units.

His main areas of focus lie in the activating of human potential, in challenging and motivating people to assume responsibility and develop creative power and in stimulating and encouraging them to be innovative. His motto: success is what follows when we make use of our true potential and enjoy what we do; when we experience how we can make a constructive difference – and then actually go on to do so. Drawing on the potential that is inherent in conflicts shows him how much innovative energy can be released when people are able to accept differences and concentrate on putting them to best use.

Klaus-Jürgen Hütten is a network partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK and provides his consulting services in German, English and French.

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