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Claudia Holz

Degree in Business Studies in Cologne, Rome and Berlin;
Majors in HR Management and Organizational Psychology DBVC- and IOBC-certified Coach (two-year training program)
Training in Transaction Analysis, Meta Theory of Change, and Agile Organizational Development Methods

Claudia Holz knows the challenges that face international executives or project managers from her own 15 years of management experience in a DAX 30 company in Germany and Italy, a leading management consulting firm and a non-profit organization. Prior to becoming a business consultant, she enjoyed a successful career as head of personnel, project manager for complex change projects as well as international lead manager for personnel and management development.

For the last 10+ years, Claudia Holz has specialized in providing one-to-one coaching for executives in multinational and medium-sized companies in a wide range of topics, including transformation and restructuring processes, leadership in hybrid organizations, crisis management and communication strategies, and conflict resolution. She has personal experience of many such situations from her own  management career, is familiar with the rules of the game, power structures and general parameters encountered in the corporate world and is adept at supporting her coachees in finding the right, sustainable solutions for their own particular situations. In the process, she helps them to integrate corporate requirements, effective leadership and their own management style into their roles in a meaningful and coherent way. Her coaching approach is systemic, analytical and focused and is backed up by her motivating, appreciative attitude and pronounced sense of empathy, sensitivity and intuition. This helps her to guide her coachees towards targeted self-reflection and coach them in mastering decision-making situations and handling ambiguity in general.

Consulting focus: Executive Coaching, sparring for transformation processes, leading supervision groups.

Claudia Holz is a network partner at KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK and provides her consulting services in German.

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