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Andreas Malär

Degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, ETH
Extensive consulting experience in the insurance, mobility and public services sectors

Before going to university, Andreas Malär already had his own web development company. After graduating, he worked first in research and subsequently as an independent software developer supporting large firms in their complex digitalisation projects. He then founded his own consulting firm with the aim of bringing people and technology together and thus helping firms to better serve their customers and work more effectively. In the meantime, he works primarily as an agile coach for projects and companies, mainly in digitalisation contexts.

From experience, Andreas knows that it is the people who are the key to potential in the dynamic digital world, not the technology. The people have to be included in the journey to enable them to find their way in the world of technology and make optimal use of the possibilities it offers. Taking an agile approach in which people can co-design changes step by step and finding a balance between customer requirements, company goals and organisational challenges are the key factors thereby for success.

Andreas Malär is a KÖNIGSWIESER & NETWORK cooperation partner and a partner at oddEVEN. He provides his consulting services in German and English.

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